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Fenns Bank & Isycoed CC host Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC

Evening all – final match report of the season follows.

We enjoyed a good friendly game against Fenns Bank near Whitchurch who are masters at making sure a friendly remains exactly that and even out their team to fit the opposition. They held back their star batsman right until the last few overs when he proceeded to launch just about every ball out of the ground.

We batted first and got to 159. Fenns Bank very graciously waited until the 35th over to win the game by 2 wickets.


Jonathan Fagan – turned up and thereby ensured we had 11 players. Only dropped one catch.

Pete Ford – saw off the opening bowler for a little while. Drop kicked a ball over the boundary rope whilst fielding for comedic effect. Given out LBW for comedic effect by Umpire Houghton.

Andy Meakin – hit a few runs. Amazing wicket keeping skills saw him stop the ball with his hands and not his head/chest/legs/teeth and at the same time only concede 2 byes.

Will Webster – managed to hit his trademark 49 runs against some good bowling. Remains in the 49 club with Pete Ford and Jonathan Fagan. Fails to join the 50 club with Pete Ford and Jonathan Fagan plus a few others. Bowled a bit (and very well – reminiscent of a young Will Webster). Didn’t get the yips, nips, dips or any other type of crispy snack.

Dave Markey – usual stuff – bowled really well, had a good knock, took a catch with his armpit just because he can.

Cameron Roche – swashbuckling 20 something and then an outstanding session bowling impossible to hit balls – 4 wickets for hardly any runs until the star batsman came out.

Kris Patterson – cameo batting performance that resulted in a few runs. Chose his fielding position carefully (and wisely). Stayed there for 35 overs.

Rahul Patil – usual good bowling and a quick fire 20 something with the bat. Ran around in the field a bit. Occasionally towards the ball.

Akash Bala – bowled some spin, had a knock and played a lovely shot at one point. Stopped a lot of balls in the field – probably picked up a few bruises.

Dan Williams – took the most amazing one handed catch at silly mid off. Looked a bit like Tom Hall whilst doing so. Almost yawned afterwards. Bowled well.

Alex Boothby – some very athletic fielding, scored his first runs for Maeshafn and bowled very well indeed against good batsmen.

Graham Houghton – turned up and umpired. Seemed to be lifting his finger every 5 minutes to give someone out LBW. Chuckled a lot. Caught a few flies with his chopsticks during the tea interval.

All in all a good way to end the season.

So that’s it! Lets hope that 2021 is a bit more fruitful for games etc..  We will try to organise a get together to celebrate the season but very much dependent on other circumstances.

Good Night and Good Luck.

Jonathan Fagan


Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC