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Match Report – Maeshafn CC v Buckley CC

Wednesday 2nd July 2008


Team: Gresty, Fagan, Longhurst, Davies, Applewhite, Jones Aled, Bennett, Rhun Jones, Pugh, Bickerton, Parsons

Maeshafn lost by rather a lot. Maeshafn 95 for 6, Buckley 157 for 4 or thereabouts

League Game.

Enjoyable game, with lots of incidents.

I don't have the scorebook to hand, but the match started on a very damp wicket, and Buckley struggled to get anywhere at all. They managed to get to 40 off 8 overs thanks to a combination of good bowling from Fagan and Gresty and the water on the pitch. However, then the batsmen started to hit out, and despite the removal of Baxter, the big hitting Buckley left hander by Gresty, caught Applewhite, Buckley started to coast up to an unreachable score for Maeshafn. One of the Buckley players decided he was Kevin Peterson, and started to switch round at the crease, which caused no end of problems for the fielder in the gully!

Maeshafn started well against Buckley bowling (they had told us that they didnt have any good bowlers, despite bringing the usual swingers and a bowler known as Mr Banana). Gresty was dismissed, a trifle contentiously, but Fagan survived inside edges, LBW appeals and missed slip catches before being bowled by a new fast bowler first ball for 17. Longhurst dug deep, and managed to get up to 20, before a couple of batsmen were removed quite cheaply by swinging balls. Well done to Messrs Applewhite and Bennett for both hitting the ball at least once before being dismissed!

Aled Jones then had the innings of his career to date, hitting 25 including a glorious 6 that nearly went into the field. He rightly got man of the match for his efforts.



Click the You Tube link below to be reminded of the golden days of cricket, which is when the majority of our team could still play (turn your speakers on Geoff).


Think of all the fun we could have with a bowling machine....!


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