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Maeshafn CC v. Carmel CC Development Side
4th May – Friendly – 30 overs

Carmel CC 126 for 6, Maeshafn 110 all out. Carmel won by 19 runs.

P.Gresty, J.Fagan, G.Davies, R.Jones, D.Longhurst, B.Nicholson, S.Pugh, A.Jones, D.Parsons, D.Gresty, D.Williams (C).

Man of the Match: not given

This game was nothing short of a miracle. It was raining in Maeshafn, Chester, Liverpool and across the western hemisphere, but for some reason known only to the clouds, it was not raining in Carmel. Carmel's ground is very interesting - great facilities, massive pitch, but right next to the A55, so slightly on the noisy side.

Having won the toss, Captain Williams put Carmel into bat. They opened very slowly, despite Maeshafn's best efforts to give them a fighting chance by bowling fairly randomly, and gradually began to build up a score. Nicholson and Longhurst both took good catches, and Davies spent a lot of time running after balls that seemed to be atttracted to him personally. Richard Jones looked very good in his first match, and took the first opener, caught by Nicholson from his slow but varied bowling.

Williams the captain looked like a man who had been found incoherently wandering in his own garden the previous night looking for a toilet and passing out on the floor. One of his balls nearly killed Pugh, again having a sterling session behind the stumps. He had to stop the game for a drink of water to avoid the rather worrying sight of him being sick on the floor.

Jones then got an LBW his way after a number of appeals by a few bowlers, and Nicholson removed the next two with a spell of very good line and length bowling, which was his first session this year as well. Gresty Junior held his first catch, and appeared quite surprised!

Carmel brought in a batsman who started very slowly before starting to thump the ball around, and he finished on 37 not out with a cracking performance. Fagan removed two wickets, both catches from fairly poor balls, but well held by Williams and Jones. 126 was the final result, but Maeshafn notched up 25 extras.

We had a break for rain at one point, and during tea the pitch was very wet again. However Maeshafn went out and started the batting quite well, moving at the same pace as Carmel for the first 10 overs or so, and fending off some fierce fast bowling from 1st and 2nd team Carmel squad members.

After Gresty was removed for 15, and Fagan for 23, Davies had his first knock for the club, before being run out by the club captain Jones who was subsequently bowled by the rather scary fast bowler Oldman. Longhurst and Nicholson put up a very good show and added 33 together in a fine performance before both being bowled by the same ball in the same manner!

Pugh came in and survived 5 balls from Oldman with the casual air of a man in form, but fell to Prescott, a bowler with an interesting line in a short run up followed by either a bouncer or a some sort of spin. Derek Parsons came in to build up his stats on the run outs, and managed to claim two scalps - Davy Gresty and Aled Jones, the latter of whom looked in very good form with the bat..

Good performance all round, just a shame we couldnt keep up the momentum towards the end of the innings we had started out with..

Batting Figures:

Gresty 15 bowled
Fagan 23 caught
Davies 2 run out
Jones R 2 bowled
Longhurst 26 bowled
Nicholson 7 bowled
Pugh 2 bowled
Jones A 6 run out
Parsons 7 not out
Gresty D 0 run out
Williams 2 not out
18 extras

Bowling Figures

Gresty 6 0 36
Fagan 6 2 22
Williams 6 0 19
Jones R 6 2 12
Nicholson 6 2 29




Click the You Tube link below to be reminded of the golden days of cricket, which is when the majority of our team could still play (turn your speakers on Geoff).


Think of all the fun we could have with a bowling machine....!


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