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Match Report – Maeshafn Cricket Club v. Maritime Cricket Club

Wednesday 7th May 2008

20/20 – Chester Midweek League.

Team: Gresty, Fagan, Jones Richard, Turner, Longhurst, Skarrit, Bickerton, Jones Rhun, Jones Aled, Pugh, and Williams (C).

Maritime won by 79 runs. Maritime 165 all out, Maeshafn 87 for 9.

After two reasonably comfortable games at the start of the season, the MCC were back into the league again for more ritual humiliation. The visitors were of a particular high standard, and we discovered that most of the team played in the Liverpool League, the first and second sides Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. It meant that their batting was of a particular quality, with each batsman up to number nine onwards being able to hit the ball nicely and well, meaning there was no let up for Maeshafn Cricket Club throughout the innings. The first two batman who came in for Maritime managed to set off at a blistering pace and ran for everything including any short singles that Maeshafn could not get to in time to stop them. Only a couple of boundaries started proceedings, but after Skarrit had removed one of the opening batman for five, and Dave Williams the other one for ten and their third batsman removed by Williams, in came a batsman of a different class to the rest of the players on the pitch really and he top scored on 55. At one stage in his batting he got three sixes in a row and it wasn’t until a poor ball from Fagan managed to get him caught out on the boundary by Gresty. This pattern continued and Gresty proceeded to catch two more boundary catches off the bowling of Fagan in the next two overs. However unfortunately Fagan was injured on the first ball he bowled trying to stop a ball coming straight past and his bowling was somewhat wayward to say the least. After a great bowling performance at the weekend, Richard Jones was unable to repeat the performance as Maritime were hitting everything and he just wasn’t getting the luck of the draw after beating the batsman on a couple of occasions.

It appeared that Maritime would be heading for a total in the region of about 240 at the speed they were going, but after the removal of a few more wickets, the game via that quality of batsman was finally going down, and finished on 165.

Whilst Maeshafn have never scored more than 108 in the league, and this was with a team who scored over 200 against us, we started off a reasonable pace. Maritime had two fast bowlers, who had a routine to their bowling which appeared to be to bowl Yorkers, bouncers and offside as much as possible, with very little being left to be picked up by the batsman. However, Gresty and Fagan put up a good start to the innings, and averaged about five per over for the first four overs reaching 20 in a reasonable time. However after a run out of the club captain Jones by Fagan, and the unlucky dismissal of Turner by a yorker second ball, it was only the stand of Longhurst and Skarratt who put any more runs on the board. Maeshafn finished on 87 for 9, it was a creditable start to the season and one to be proud of against such fearsome opposition. The Man of the Match was Jim Skarratt and the Away Man of the Match was Anton, for phenomenal bowling and batting and work in the field.

A special mention must go to wicket keeper Pugh, who was very proud of a stumping he did during the game,mentioning it at least 25 times in the 'post-match analysis' meeting in the pub. The writer of this report cannot remember this particular event, but Pugh is adamant about it and it would appear that the score book bears him out in his claim. Another good game behind the wicket for the big man who also reminded the squad of the lack of byes in the game, and, after winning Most Improved Player of the Year last year, appears to be going from strength to strength with his wicket keeping.




Click the You Tube link below to be reminded of the golden days of cricket, which is when the majority of our team could still play (turn your speakers on Geoff).


Think of all the fun we could have with a bowling machine....!


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