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Maeshafn CC v. Liverpool Diocese
26th April 2008 – Friendly – 35 overs
Liverpool 71 all out, Maeshafn 73 for 3 off 16 overs. Maeshafn won by 7 wickets.
P.Gresty, J.Fagan, J.Scarratt, R.Bickerton, D.Longhurst, G.Davies, R.Jones, A.Jones, D.Parsons, S.Pugh (W), D.Williams (C).

Man of the Match: Scarratt (J)

After copious amounts of cloud all week and in the morning of the match, we got underway in warm if not slightly damp weather. The Diocese won the toss and elected to bat first, which with hindsight, was a really daft decision as the pitch was wet and there was no bounce at all.

Gresty and Fagan opened the bowling with 3 runs off the first three overs, before one of the Diocesan openers decided to lamp Fagan in the 4th over for 2 sixes off 3 balls. Fagan was swiftly replaced by Scarratt, who, like the Grim Reaper, wreaked death and destruction to the men from merseyside. Gresty finished with great figures, but Scarratt managed 5.2 overs for 5 runs and 3 wickets.

The game saw flying catches from Williams, reliving his glory days of yesteryear, stopping one ball whilst leaping majestically like a salmon leaping up a waterfall in Springtime, and making a two handed catch in mid air.

One of the Diocesan batsman decided that his opinion on being caught behind by Pugh (having a great game behind the stumps) was better than the umpires, and told him so. The umpire announced to Maeshafn CC that he thought the batsman was out, but the batsman clearly didn’t want to go, so therefore he was staying there. Jones decided that this was clearly cheating, and proceeded to bowl a beamer at the offending batsman’s head. He followed this up by clean bowling him on 26, which was the break that Maeshafn needed.

The Diocese were bowled out off only 22 overs. Getting this total did not take long, and after a steady opening partnership, followed up by a personal best 26 not out by Scarratt, Maeshafn reached safety with 16 overs and 7 wickets to spare. A great start to the season.

Bowling : Batting:

Fagan 2, 0, 14 : Gresty 7 – b.Bell 1x4
Gresty 5, 0, 15 Fagan 14 – LBW 1x4, 1x6
Scarratt 5, 3, 5 Scarratt 26 not out 2x4, 1x6
Jones 4, 2, 14 Bickerton 12 – c&b Dawkins
Bickerton 3, 2, 12 Longhurst 11 not out 2x4
Williams 3, 3, 8




Click the You Tube link below to be reminded of the golden days of cricket, which is when the majority of our team could still play (turn your speakers on Geoff).


Think of all the fun we could have with a bowling machine....!


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