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Match Report – Kinglsey CC v Maeshafn CC

Thursday 29th May 2008


Team: Longhurst, Fagan, Bartlam, Gresty, Jones Richard, Davies, Bickerton, Jones Rhun, Pugh, Parsons, Williams.

Maeshafn lost by 9 wickets. Maeshafn 42 all out, Kingsley 43 for 0 off 4 overs.

A thorough thrashing at the hands of Kingsley has severely dented Maeshafn's promotion hopes this season, and leaves us in the doldrums of the bottom of league 7 for even longer than was previously anticipated. The above is said tongue in cheek for any teams in the league reading this and wondering which planet the writer is on.

In reality this was not so much of a cricket match but a slaughter of innocents. Kingsley CC outplayed, outclassed and basically just whipped us back into our cars with no so much of a hint of our ability to hold a bat, field or bowl.

The match started out with a fast bowler running in to bowl at Longhurst, and a surprise to find that every ball was turning in or out and basically impossible for players at our level to hit or even get a bat to most of them. Fagan was the first and only wicket to fall to the first bowler, who finished up with 4 maidens, 1 run and 2 wides. The second bowler seemed fairly inocuous, but in fact was just as bad with the ball turning a long way on every ball and all balls played accurately and on a good length.

Bartlam came in and held up an end for 17 balls for 2 runs, whilst Longhurst managed to score 14 against the bowling, which included a boundary and was very impressive. There followed the traditional Maeshafn collapse, which included 5 ducks for Jones, Richard, Jones Rhun, Pugh, Gresty and Bickerton. Davies had a good knock at the end and so did Williams, prompting the remainder of the team to ask him to start playing himself further up the order..

A special mention must be made to Gresty, who spent 1 hour 23 mins getting to the match followed by a 1 hour struggle with his stubborn spikes on his shoes, only to be run out without facing a ball for a golden duck...

Kingsley showed their class by hitting 43 off 4 overs, which makes us wonder how much they are going to score when they come to Nercwys to play us..

Man of the match - no-one - this was awful, although Gareth Davies and Dan Longhurst both hit boundaries and had reasonable knocks..


Click the You Tube link below to be reminded of the golden days of cricket, which is when the majority of our team could still play (turn your speakers on Geoff).


Think of all the fun we could have with a bowling machine....!


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