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Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC v Menai Bridge 2nds. 1st August 2020

Good start to the season on Saturday with a competitive game against a very well balanced Menai Bridge 2nds. Thanks to their captain Ian Grainger for switching the fixture as well.

Menai posted 146 for 7 off their 40 overs and we chased this down to 124 all out off 37 overs. Good game, well played and in good spirit.  

Positives from the match:

  1. Stu Applewhite. 42 with the bat. Continued the tradition of running out all his teammates by the end of the season by running out Peter Ford in the first over. Remembered to wear his pads when wicket keeping. Stopped ball after ball behind the stumps using the old-fashioned technique of catching the ball with his hands. Took a smart catch in what was a demonstration of outstanding wicket keeping. Conceded a mere 5 byes. Expressed a keen interest in how to cut and roll a wicket.
  2. Peter Ford. Strong in the field, particularly when raking and pushing the covers off. Scored a run before helping S.Applewhite closer to his goal of running out the entire team before September.  
  3. Dave Brilley. 4 with the bat and bowled well at the close in difficult circumstances. Very strong in the field – reminiscent of a young Tom Hall. Patient batting but undone by the pitch and a spot of clever bowling.
  4. Richard Stirzaker. A very patient 2 with the bat and strong in the field – reminiscent of a young Will Webster. Debut for MIMCC. Outstanding sledging of Will Webster at any opportunity.
  5. Tom Hall. Quality bowling figures of 2 for 10 off 7 overs. 18 with the bat. Patient batting before edging the spinner off his glove and walking. Leaped around like a salmon in the outfield.
  6. Will Webster. The Vinnie Jones of North Wales cricket returns, although he didn’t manage to grab the wicketkeeper by the short and curlies. Marched out to bat, whacked a quick 8 before falling to a bit of randomness. Didn’t throw his bat at anyone. Tried out some new-fangled bowling techniques not seen around these parts before.
  7. Matt Lloyd. Solid bowling, 0 for 15 off 5, and 2 with the bat. Very solid in the field taking an excellent one handed catch. Strolled out to bat informing the crowd he would be back shortly. Did not fail.
  8. Dave Markey. Very handy with a leaf blower. Sounded surprised when asked to open the bowling and inspired captaincy resulted in figures of 1 for 12 off 8 overs even with heckling from the crowd. Patient batting with 8 before going airborne chasing down the total.
  9. Andy Meakin – good debut in the league as captain. 3 with the bat. Bowled surprisingly well finishing with figures of 1 for 13 off 5. Went out to win the game and chase down the total, but undone by randomness in the wicket. Resisted temptation to put the gloves on, and marvelled in the ability of wicket keeper Applewhite.
  10. Jonathan Fagan – enjoyed watching the quality wicketkeeping of our wicket keeper. Completed 28,000 steps, bowled a bit, batted a bit, ate some peanut butter sandwiches and went home. 12 with the bat and 1 for 23 off 6. Slept well.  
  11. Alex Boothby – debut in the league – excellent performance with the rake, the wheelbarrow and his bowling. 1 for 39 off 5 but bowling at the Menai Bridge strike batsman. Wicketkeeper impressed by the turn. Not out with the bat.  

Not a bad start at all and we are hoping never to have any raking to do again before a home match!

Anyone wanting to play Conwy 2nds on Saturday? Space available – drop me a line. All info on Spond as ever.

If you would like to play any games please let me know which ones and I’ll add you to the list. All welcome to put names forward.  

Jonathan Fagan, Secretary

Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC