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Fenns Bank & Isycoed CC host Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC

Evening all – final match report of the season follows.

We enjoyed a good friendly game against Fenns Bank near Whitchurch who are masters at making sure a friendly remains exactly that and even out their team to fit the opposition. They held back their star batsman right until the last few overs when he proceeded to launch just about every ball out of the ground.

We batted first and got to 159. Fenns Bank very graciously waited until the 35th over to win the game by 2 wickets.


Jonathan Fagan – turned up and thereby ensured we had 11 players. Only dropped one catch.

Pete Ford – saw off the opening bowler for a little while. Drop kicked a ball over the boundary rope whilst fielding for comedic effect. Given out LBW for comedic effect by Umpire Houghton.

Andy Meakin – hit a few runs. Amazing wicket keeping skills saw him stop the ball with his hands and not his head/chest/legs/teeth and at the same time only concede 2 byes.

Will Webster – managed to hit his trademark 49 runs against some good bowling. Remains in the 49 club with Pete Ford and Jonathan Fagan. Fails to join the 50 club with Pete Ford and Jonathan Fagan plus a few others. Bowled a bit (and very well – reminiscent of a young Will Webster). Didn’t get the yips, nips, dips or any other type of crispy snack.

Dave Markey – usual stuff – bowled really well, had a good knock, took a catch with his armpit just because he can.

Cameron Roche – swashbuckling 20 something and then an outstanding session bowling impossible to hit balls – 4 wickets for hardly any runs until the star batsman came out.

Kris Patterson – cameo batting performance that resulted in a few runs. Chose his fielding position carefully (and wisely). Stayed there for 35 overs.

Rahul Patil – usual good bowling and a quick fire 20 something with the bat. Ran around in the field a bit. Occasionally towards the ball.

Akash Bala – bowled some spin, had a knock and played a lovely shot at one point. Stopped a lot of balls in the field – probably picked up a few bruises.

Dan Williams – took the most amazing one handed catch at silly mid off. Looked a bit like Tom Hall whilst doing so. Almost yawned afterwards. Bowled well.

Alex Boothby – some very athletic fielding, scored his first runs for Maeshafn and bowled very well indeed against good batsmen.

Graham Houghton – turned up and umpired. Seemed to be lifting his finger every 5 minutes to give someone out LBW. Chuckled a lot. Caught a few flies with his chopsticks during the tea interval.

All in all a good way to end the season.

So that’s it! Lets hope that 2021 is a bit more fruitful for games etc..  We will try to organise a get together to celebrate the season but very much dependent on other circumstances.

Good Night and Good Luck.

Jonathan Fagan


Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC

Match Reports News

Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC v Dolgellau 2nds

Good morning – not a good day at the office for us on Saturday 15th August 2020. Beautiful day for cricket. Dolgellau posted a fairly low looking figure of 140 batting first, but then managed to bowl us out for an even lower figure of 87. All credit to Dolgellau – they batted patiently and then bowled well.

Link to scorecard is here:

Tom Hall
Tom Hall looking much older than he really is (46) whilst eating his tea under a parasol.


  1. Stu Applewhite. Hit a ball straight at a fielder off the bowling of a top class bowler (Welsh international 1) on 12.
  2. Andy Meakin. Removed by Dolgellau’s 2nd Welsh international bowling at 90 mph for 2. 0 for 5 off 1.
  3. Will Webster. Managed to get 2 run outs whilst fielding. Wandered out to bat before wandering back in again 10 seconds later having faced an inswinging yorker at high speed from Welsh international 2.
  4. Jonathan Fagan.  Smacked a full toss from the first Welsh international 1 straight at a fielder for 2. Bad day for stats. Dolgellau openers waited patiently for our pie chucker to come on having seen off our seam attack and then despatched the pies around the ground. 2 for 36 off 4 including an over with four 4s in it.
  5. Tom Hall. 0 for 17 off 8. Quality bowling. Batting – hung around a long time for his 22 but unlucky to get out.
  6. Dave Markey. Outstanding bowling again with 1 for 8 off 8. Batted at full throttle before undone by the pitch.
  7. Rahul Patil. Bowled very well 1 for 19 off 7. Batted well with one shot back of the bowler worthy of mention.
  8. Peter Ford. Bowled well – 2 for 5 off 3. Batted patiently as ever for his 6, but undone by pitch.
  9. Clive Price. Started his MIMCC season being run out for an albatross. 0 for 18 off 2 with the ball.
  10. Steve Pugh. Decided that it was time to stand up to the terrible umpiring in the North Wales League and overruled a contentious LBW decision against himself, calling the umpire a rude name in the process. Did not go on to trouble the scorers. Took a run out and a catch.
  11. Stu Oxton – quickfire 2 not out with the bat and quality bowling session again – 1 for 24 off 7. Enjoyed the snooker in colour (modern technology) on his phone.
Match Reports News

Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC v Conwy 2nds – first win of 2020

Good morning – first win of the season against Conwy 2nds, a considerably stronger team on paper than us. First win for Captain Meakin, who had to make some difficult decisions which included whether to recall wicketkeeper batsman Pugh or retain specialist wicketkeeper Applewhite.

We managed to score 140 for 9 off 40 overs, and Conwy chased this but only managed to get to 126 for 8 off 40. Outstanding bowling restricted their scoring, although we demonstrated lots of dodgy fielding techniques, some of which would have made one of our best ever fielders Simon Fryer cry (good to see you on Saturday Simon). Good game, well played and in good spirit. Conwy had 3 former Bodedern players in their ranks who remembered us all from the days of Division 6 and 7.

Positives from the match:

  1. Stu Applewhite. Dropped from his wicket keeping duties, despite an outstanding performance last week. 32 with the bat before having his middle stump destroyed by Mr Wobble, a slow bowler who first played at the Argoed in 1975. Made to stand at first leg to learn some wicket keeping techniques from our specialist wicketkeeper. Allowed to stand at mid-on for an over or two from where he took a Kris Patterson style catch (catch it or die).  
  2. Amogh Patil. 1 with the bat before the fast bowler took a lucky wicket clipping the top of the stumps. Almost the 2nd runout victim of the season for S.Applewhite, but saved by Umpire Ford dozing off at square leg. Applewhite heard to laugh manically as he shouted ‘yes’. Fielded well.  
  3. Will Webster. Batted incredibly patiently against Mr Wobble, playing high quality cut shots off scarily accurate Jim Scarratt like bowling. Had two balls to go before Mr Wobble departed but unfortunately undone by a ball that went straight. 40 with the bat. Fielded well.
  4. Andy Meakin. First win as captain and an important contribution with the bat hitting his highest score for a while of 27. Made important decision of not allowing himself to bowl more than one over after Conwy took a liking to his dobblies.
  5. Tom Hall. Outstanding spell of bowling 1 for 22 off 5 but in difficult circumstances. On another day Conwy should have easily knocked off the 140 but they were pegged by our trio of pace bowlers (it would be a quartet if Rahul bowled a bit quicker).
  6. Dave Markey – outstanding bowling at the start of the innings and at the death set the tone of the quality of our bowling. 0 for 27 runs off 8. Unlucky LBW victim of Trigger Happy Applewhite, still sulking at not having run Amogh out. (I’ve stopped writing “Quack” and “Golden” as its not a positive).
  7. Jonathan Fagan – 2nd victim of Trigger Happy Applewhite, still sulking at being bowled by mature bowler. Absent mindedly gave Mr Applewhite out before rescinding his own decision. Fielded as well as ever, bowled a bit and finished with good figures after Conwy took fright at his dibblies. 1 for 22 off 8.
  8. Peter Ford – nice batting cameo for 4, and outstanding bowling cameo, finishing with figures of 2 for 5 off 2.
  9. Rahul Patil – clever bowling which was clever because it confused the Conwy bowlers by being accurate. Managed to hit the stumps twice. 2 not out with the bat. 3 for 18 off 8.
  10. Stu Oxton – quickfire 0 not out with the bat and an absolutely outstanding bowling masterclass. 1 for 10 off 8, but the wicket was the main Conwy batsman, who departed after receiving a bouncer that hit the stumps (go figure).
  11. Steve Pugh – turned up, commented favourably on the high class wicket at the Argoed. Demonstrated his prowess at stopping all the random bowling going down leg with his chest, teeth, head and arms. Took a stumping, much to the amazement of the batsman, who threw his bat at him. Sanitised regularly.

Good to see our chairman Clive Price back on his feet at the game – hope to see you in whites soon Clive!

Match Reports News

Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC v Menai Bridge 2nds. 1st August 2020

Good start to the season on Saturday with a competitive game against a very well balanced Menai Bridge 2nds. Thanks to their captain Ian Grainger for switching the fixture as well.

Menai posted 146 for 7 off their 40 overs and we chased this down to 124 all out off 37 overs. Good game, well played and in good spirit.  

Positives from the match:

  1. Stu Applewhite. 42 with the bat. Continued the tradition of running out all his teammates by the end of the season by running out Peter Ford in the first over. Remembered to wear his pads when wicket keeping. Stopped ball after ball behind the stumps using the old-fashioned technique of catching the ball with his hands. Took a smart catch in what was a demonstration of outstanding wicket keeping. Conceded a mere 5 byes. Expressed a keen interest in how to cut and roll a wicket.
  2. Peter Ford. Strong in the field, particularly when raking and pushing the covers off. Scored a run before helping S.Applewhite closer to his goal of running out the entire team before September.  
  3. Dave Brilley. 4 with the bat and bowled well at the close in difficult circumstances. Very strong in the field – reminiscent of a young Tom Hall. Patient batting but undone by the pitch and a spot of clever bowling.
  4. Richard Stirzaker. A very patient 2 with the bat and strong in the field – reminiscent of a young Will Webster. Debut for MIMCC. Outstanding sledging of Will Webster at any opportunity.
  5. Tom Hall. Quality bowling figures of 2 for 10 off 7 overs. 18 with the bat. Patient batting before edging the spinner off his glove and walking. Leaped around like a salmon in the outfield.
  6. Will Webster. The Vinnie Jones of North Wales cricket returns, although he didn’t manage to grab the wicketkeeper by the short and curlies. Marched out to bat, whacked a quick 8 before falling to a bit of randomness. Didn’t throw his bat at anyone. Tried out some new-fangled bowling techniques not seen around these parts before.
  7. Matt Lloyd. Solid bowling, 0 for 15 off 5, and 2 with the bat. Very solid in the field taking an excellent one handed catch. Strolled out to bat informing the crowd he would be back shortly. Did not fail.
  8. Dave Markey. Very handy with a leaf blower. Sounded surprised when asked to open the bowling and inspired captaincy resulted in figures of 1 for 12 off 8 overs even with heckling from the crowd. Patient batting with 8 before going airborne chasing down the total.
  9. Andy Meakin – good debut in the league as captain. 3 with the bat. Bowled surprisingly well finishing with figures of 1 for 13 off 5. Went out to win the game and chase down the total, but undone by randomness in the wicket. Resisted temptation to put the gloves on, and marvelled in the ability of wicket keeper Applewhite.
  10. Jonathan Fagan – enjoyed watching the quality wicketkeeping of our wicket keeper. Completed 28,000 steps, bowled a bit, batted a bit, ate some peanut butter sandwiches and went home. 12 with the bat and 1 for 23 off 6. Slept well.  
  11. Alex Boothby – debut in the league – excellent performance with the rake, the wheelbarrow and his bowling. 1 for 39 off 5 but bowling at the Menai Bridge strike batsman. Wicketkeeper impressed by the turn. Not out with the bat.  

Not a bad start at all and we are hoping never to have any raking to do again before a home match!

Anyone wanting to play Conwy 2nds on Saturday? Space available – drop me a line. All info on Spond as ever.

If you would like to play any games please let me know which ones and I’ll add you to the list. All welcome to put names forward.  

Jonathan Fagan, Secretary

Mynydd Isa & Maeshafn CC